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Published in Clinical Researcher. A wonderful scene in the film Dead Poets’ Society shows an English teacher leading his class through a textbook exercise to assess the quality of a poem: "To fully understand poetry we must first be fluent with its meter, rhyme, and figures of speech. Then ask two questions: One, how artfully has the subject of the poem been rendered, and two, how important is that objective? …. If the poem’s score for perfection is plotted on the horizontal of a graph, and its importance is plotted on the vertical, then calculating the total area of a poem yields the measure of its greatness. The students scribble notes furiously until the teacher pronounces the method bogus and encourages them to rip the offending pages from their books." As a graduate student in English when this movie debuted, I understood this scene as a jab at the formalist school of literary criticism. Now that I work in clinical development, it seems emblematic of our approach to clinical metrics: We ask the wrong questions and end up with data we can’t use. This article considers the causes and consequences of this phenomenon, and suggests some remedies. Points to Ponder How did we get to this point? Like the author of the textbook the English teacher dismisses in the film, we are beholden to an outmoded idea: the balanced scorecard. Popularized by a 1992 article in the Harvard Business Review, the scorecard’s architects encouraged managers to “balance”...

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